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    Discussion on the Fall of Saigon

    South Vietnamese people who resettled in Kentucky after the Vietnam war recount their memories of the conflict.

  • Reel America: Apollo 13: Houston We've Got a Problem (1970)

    This NASA film documents the fifth Lunar Mission, during which astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swiggert canceled plans to land on the moon after oxygen tanks aboard the spacecraft ruptured.

  • Discussion on Religious Freedom in Early America

    Panelists talk about how Christianity and other religious traditions, such as those of the Native Americans and Mormons, clashed in early America.

  • Book Discussion on One Nation Under God

    Professor Kevin Kruse talks about his book One Nation Under God, in which he argues that the idea that America is fundamentally a Christian nation was developed in the 1930s by businessmen who recruited Christian activists to oppose the New Deal.…

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