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Washington Journal's Fall College Tour - Join the Conversation

As part of the C-SPAN bus’s “Big Ten” tour this fall, Washington Journal will… View Post

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    Discussion on the Life of Milton Friedman

    Economist Mark Skousen talks about the life of Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman and his contributions to the study of economics, especially his work to re-establish the American economy following World War II.

  • 1955 Film The Story of Hoover Dam

    This 1955 film, The Story of Hoover Dam, explains the need to control and regulate the waters of the Colorado River.

  • Discussion on Public Opinion and War

    Four political scientists and academic lecturers discuss the American public’s appetite for war, and how politicians can effectively make or break the case for military interventions abroad.

  • Book Discussion on A Principled Stand

    Lane Hirabayashi talks about his book, A Principled Stand, in which he discusses his uncle, Gordon Hirabayashi, whose case challenging the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II reached the Supreme Court.

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