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    State Department Briefing

    Spokesman Marie Harf briefs reporters on a variety of international topics, including Secretary of State John Kerry’s recovery from a biking accident, the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria, and ongoing trade…

  • Post-Cloture Vote Debate on NSA Bill

    Senators speak about the House-passed USA PATRIOT Act following a cloture vote on the bill. The vote also limits the types of amendments allowed. The motion passed 83-14.

  • Senators Collins, Leahy and Lee on NSA Surveillance

    Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) says that phone records would be less safe under the House-passed USA FREEDOM Act that has private phone companies keep the records instead of the NSA. She says she will support amendments but not the bill.

  • Niels Lesniewski on USA FREEDOM Act

    CQ Roll Call Staff Writer Niels Lesniewski discusses today’s Senate vote to limit debate on the USA FREEDOM Act, which makes changes to NSA surveillance provisions under the PATRIOT act that expired midnight Sunday.

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