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    Discussion on Violence in Libya

    Foreign policy experts and on-the-ground representatives working in Northern Africa talk about the humanitarian consequences of recent violence in Libya, and the spreading effects on its national neighbors.

  • President Obama Remarks on National Security and Drone Policy

    President Obama delivers remarks to mark the 10th anniversary of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He also reflects on the accidental deaths of two hostages in a counterterrorism operation at an al-Qaeda compound in Pakistan.

  • Farewell Ceremony for Attorney General Eric Holder

    Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder delivers remarks to Justice Department employees in a ceremony to mark his six years of service. The Senate confirmed Loretta Lynch to take over the post in a 56-43 vote Thursday.

  • Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Border Security

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson speaks to reporters and takes their questions on his department’s efforts on border security.

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