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    Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion

    This is a tour of the 1892 mansion of Captain Frederick Pabst in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The sea captain not only founded the world famous Pabst Brewery, he was a philanthropist and real estate developer and had a great influence on the growth of this Midwestern city on Lake Michigan. Historian John Eastberg showed us examples of craftsmanship, original furnishings and art which teach us about Pabst’s German heritage, Milwaukee’s history, and America’s Gilded Age.

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    Book Discussion on Astoria

    Peter Stark, correspondent for Outside magazine, talked about his book, Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson’s Lost Pacific Empire - A Story of Wealth, Ambition, and Survival, in which he recalls the partnership between business magnate John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson to create a colony on the Pacific coast in the early 19th century. The settlement, dubbed Astoria, had a short existence at the mouth of the Columbia River in present day Oregon. In his book, the author reports that Astor envisioned the settlement as a central trading post on the West Coast and Jefferson imagined a separate democratic state in the West that would eventually spread eastward and reach the rest of the country. Peter Stark spoke at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon.