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    1966 Fulbright Vietnam Hearings - George Kennan (preview)

    This was an ABC News Special Report on the February 10, 1966, Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing investigating the Vietnam War. Former Ambassador to the Soviet Union George Kennan testified in opposition to Johnson administration policies and strategy in Vietnam. This program is ABC’s edited highlights of Kennan’s testimony including several questions from the committee. Senate Historian Emeritus Donald Ritchie provided context about the significance of the hearings and the situation in Vietnam in 1966.

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    Monetary Policy and the Economy

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testified before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee on the Fed’s semi-annual Monetary Policy Report to Congress.

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    Iran Nuclear Agreement

    State Department Lead Coordinator for Iran Nuclear Implementation Stephen Mull and John Smith, acting head of the Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control, testified at a hearing on implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement.