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    Book Discussion on William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment

    Mr. McManus discussed his book William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment, published by The John Birch Society. The book is a critical examination of Buckley’s life and career. According to Mr. McManus, William F. Buckley, Jr. was chosen by the “liberal establishment” as the chief spokesman for conservatives. Mr. McManus addressed what he views as Buckley’s promotion of liberal causes, including abortion, drugs, and pornography, his connections to the CIA and Yale’s Skull & Bones Society; and his criticism of John Birch Society founder Robert Welch. Following his remarks, Mr. McManus responded to questions from members of the audience.

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    CIA Drug Trafficking Town Hall Meeting

    Director Deutch spoke to central Los Angeles residents at a town hall
    meeting about allegations that the CIA sold drugs in Los Angeles in
    order to finance covert operations in Central America. Rep. Millender-McDonald, who represents California’s 37th
    congressional district, sponsored the meeting. The director stated that he has seen no proof of such
    allegations but that he will continue to pursue the matter if more
    people bring new evidence to the investigation. Many of the
    questioners were very confrontational. The allegations were
    originally raised in the San Jose Mercury-News.