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    Cruise Passenger Safety

    The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee met to discuss the Cruise Passenger Protection Act. The hearing examined the safety and security regulations of the cruising industry and provisions in the act so that those traveling aboard cruise vessels would be protected from crime and could get proper medical care while traveling on the high seas. Witnesses included representatives from the International Cruise Victims Association and passengers who were the victims of sexual assault while on a cruise.

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    Ricci v. DeStefano Racial Discrimination Case

    Panelists talked about an upcoming Supreme Court case, Ricci v. DeStefano. The case case involved racial discrimination in the workplace and was the first major case the Roberts Court heard on discrimination.

    In 2003, a group of white firefighters including Frank Ricci scored well on a civil service promotional exam that was discounted by the city of New Haven, Connecticut because none of the 19 African-American firefighters who took it qualified for promotion. The firefighters sued the New Haven mayor John DeStefano. The District Court and the 2nd Circuit Court (in a 7-6 decision) sided with the city. The Supreme Court would decide whether the New Haven firefighter civil service exam violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.