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    Book Discussion on The Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis

    Garry Wills talked about his book The Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis, in which he questions whether Pope Francis is capable of producing significant change within the Catholic Church.

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    Q&A with Erik Larson

    Erik Larson talked about his book, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, about the state of world politics surrounding the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania. He spoke about the departure and eventual sinking of the ship, focusing on the personal stories of those involved, including the captains of the Lusitania and the German U-Boat, Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill, and a number of the passengers on board. The Lusitania set sail from New York on May 1, 1915, with over 2000 passengers and crew on board. On May 7, the ship was hit by a German U-Boat’s torpedo and sank off the coast of Ireland. Out of the almost 1200 people who died in the sinking, 128 of them were Americans.

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    History of the Republican Party

    Professor Heather Cox Richardson, author of To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party talked about the evolution of the “Party of Lincoln.” Professor Richardson spoke about the origins of the party and said it was founded to advocate for the middle class against elite plantation owners. She also talked about the Republican figures who defined the party, including Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.

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    African Americans and Anti-colonialism in Africa

    Professor Carol Anderson, author of Bourgeois Radicals: the NAACP and the Struggle for Colonial Liberation, 1941 to 1960, talked about African Americans' support for anti-colonialism in Africa during the early Cold War. She spoke specifically about the politics of South Africa and the role of the NAACP.

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    Senate Debate on 2016 Republican Budget Plan

    Senators debated the fiscal year 2016 Republican budget plan. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hailed the plan, saying it would “upset special interests” and balance the budget. He noted that only one Democrat voted for the president’s budget. Minority Leader Reid (D-NV) said that many people would lose health care coverage if the budget became law. Senator Enzi (R-WY) briefly spoke about tax reform, and Senator Sanders (I-VT) said the wealthy would get richer.

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    "Meet the Press" with Martin Luther King, Jr.

    NBC’s Sunday talk show interviewed Martin Luther King, Jr., three days after the Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, march for voting rights concluded. Martin Luther King appeared remotely from San Francisco, while the journalists who asked questions were in Washington, D.C. Panelists included NBC moderator Ned Brooks, “Meet the Press” co-creator Lawrence Spivak, New York Times reporter Tom Wicker, Richmond News Leader reporter James Kilpatrick, and NBC News reporter John Chancellor.

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    History of Presidential Drinking

    Mark Will-Weber, author of Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking, talked about the drinking habits of American presidents and how alcohol has shaped foreign relations and presidential decision making.

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    Newsmakers with Jennifer Horn and Jeff Kaufmann

    Jennifer Horn and Jeff Kaufmann, the Republican Party chairs of New Hampshire and Iowa, talked about the roles of their states in vetting presidential candidates, preparation for the 2016 elections, the candidates circulating in Iowa and New Hampshire so far, and the issues and groups to watch in their respective states. Ms. Horn spoke via video link from Manchester, New Hampshire, and Mr. Kaufmann spoke via video link from Johnston, Iowa. After the interview the reporters in the studio discussed their responses with the host.

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    Unrest in Yemen

    Charles Schmitz talked about the latest on continuing unrest in Yemen. Topics included the U.S. response, and the role of other countries in the region.

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    Wounded Warrior Project Policy Priorities

    Steve Nardizzi talked about the Wounded Warrior Project’s policy priorities and the importance of recent legislation affecting veterans.