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    Book Discussion on Running from Office

    Jennifer Lawless talked about her book, Running from Office: Why Young Americans are Turned Off to Politics, in which she argues the current political system has discouraged young people from running for office.

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    LGBT Discrimination Protections

    Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) talked about legislation aimed at bolstering discrimination protections from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans.

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    Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Negotiations

    Linda Dempsey talked about legislation that would give President Obama special authority to “fast track” negotiations in the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

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    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer responses to the question: “What is the effectiveness of the 114th Congress after its first 100 days in session?”

    Jonathan Weisman, speaking by phone, gave an update on the pending Senate confirmation vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination for attorney general.

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    Washington Journal Program 4/21/2015

    Live daily at 7 a.m. ET, “Washington Journal” is a forum for leading journalists and public policy makers to discuss key events and legislation.

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    Ethanol in Milan, Today and Tomorrow

    Ethanol in Milan, Today and Tomorrow was one of the second place high school central winners in C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam documentary contest. The video was produced by Christian Miller, Lex Nelly, and Emily Walker, seniors at Milan High School in Milan, Michigan. The local cable company was Comcast. 

    C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam video documentary contest is an annual national competition in which middle and high school students produce a documentary on a specific theme. "The Three Branches and You" was the 2015 theme, with contestants asked to tell a story that demonstrates how a policy, law, or action had affected them or their community.

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    Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Conference Committee

    House and Senate negotiators held their first formal meeting on the fiscal year 2016 federal budget. 

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    Turkey and the Middle East

    Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu talked about evolving violence in the Middle East as well as Turkey’s role in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

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    State Department Daily Briefing

    Marie Harf briefed reporters and responded to questions on a variety of international issues.

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    Iran Nuclear Agreement

    Former Iranian and U.S. officials outlined Iran nuclear agreement negotiations. Iran and the P5+1* agreed to a framework to limit Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for an end to international economic sanctions. The members had a June 30th, 2015, deadline for making a final deal.

    The panelists at this discussion considered the status of the negotiations, regional and Israeli thoughts on the deal, and what a final agreement would mean for the U.S. and Iran. 

    The P5+1 comprises the U.S., the U.K., France, China, Russia, and Germany.