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    First Lady Florence Harding

    David Pietrusza and Katherine Sibley talked about the life and influence of first lady Florence Harding and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Florence Harding was influential in her husband’s career, especially in the 1920 election which was the first in which women could vote. It was notable as the last “front porch campaign.” She was involved in political appointments, re-opened the White House to the public and led tours, and resumed the Easter Egg Roll. One of her notable causes was veterans' affairs. When the “Teapot Dome” scandal erupted after President Harding’s death in office, she burned many of his papers in an effort to protect his legacy. She died soon after. 

    An audio clip of Senator Warren Harding was played. Many silent film clips of the Hardings were played.

    Video clips were shown of Sherry Hall giving a tour of the Harding home in Marion, Ohio.

    This was the 20th episode in the C-SPAN series “First Ladies: Influence and Image.”

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    Public Opinion of Warren G. Harding

    Phillip Payne, author of Dead Last: The Public Memory of Warren G. Harding’s Scandalous Legacy, talked about the 29th President.

    Warren G. Harding is consistently listed at the bottom of rankings of America’s best presidents. Harding’s poor showings in rankings are usually associated with administrative and personal scandals. After Harding’s death in office the Teapot Dome scandal came to light, and a member of Harding’s cabinet in charge of the Veterans Bureau had also embezzled millions of dollars intended for veterans. Harding’s personal scandals included a claim by Nan Britton that he had fathered her illegitimate child.