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    Campaign Finance Reform

    The committee held a field hearing on campaign finance reform in Phoenix, Arizona and heard testimony from elected officials, academics, and activists.
    Among the issues they addressed were “soft money,” campaign advertising, and issue advocacy.

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    Secret Service Oversight

    Secret Service Director Julia Pierson was among three witnesses who testified at a hearing on Secret Service response to a September 2014 White House security breach, and similar security failures since 2009. In the September incident Omar Gonzalez allegedly scaled a White House fence, ran across the North Lawn, and entered the executive mansion. 

    Ms. Pierson detailed actions the Secret Service was takng to address protocol concerns and said agency culture had improved during her tenure as director. Members also asked her about a Washington Post story on the four-day delay in 2011 before officers discovered that gunshots had been fired into the White House. Ranking Member Elijah Cummings told Ms. Pierson that he was most disturbed by his impression that officers seemed more comfortable discussing concerns with members of Congress than agency leadership. Committee Chair Darrell Issa closed the hearing by saying he intended to request an independent investigation.