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    Cybersecurity Challenges

    Panelists talked about cyber threats facing the federal government as well as two executive orders related to cyber security.

    This program was part of the American Bar Association’s ninth annual Homeland Security Law Institute, which looked at the state of homeland security and the roles of the various government agencies tasked with keeping the U.S. secure.

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    Defense Department Briefing

    Rear Admiral John Kirby briefed reporters and responded to questions on a variety of issues, including U.S. airstrikes against Sunni militants in Iraq and Russian convoy reportedly carrying humanitarian aid that crossed the border into Ukraine.

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    Mike Huckabee on Education Standards

    Mike Huckabee talked about initiatives intended to close the education gap for Latino students. He spoke at an event held by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

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    U.S. Spending and Economic Wellbeing

    Ian Mead and Mark Hamrick talked about two reports from the Bureau of Economic Analysis on U.S. household spending and economic wellbeing through the recession of the late 2000s and the subsequent recovery. They also spoke about the amount consumers spend by state and the quarterly statistics on the economic activity generated by each state.

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    National Commission on Product Safety

    Robert Adler talked about the National Commission on Product Safety and Child Safety Act of 1966. Mr. Adler spoke about how the 1967 National Commission on Product Safety evolved in to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and about products that are covered by the commission. 

    This segment was part of a week-long Washington Journal series focused on the impact of legislation related to President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.”

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    Clarence Page on Ferguson Riots

    Clarence Page talked about developments in Ferguson, Missouri, following the police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, and how events related back to the recommendations and findings of previous government-commissioned reports on civil unrest and riots.

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    Indictment of Governor Rick Perry

    Wayne Slater provided an update on Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) indictment. Governor Perry was indicted in August 2014 by a Travis County grand jury for abuse of power and coercion.

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    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer comments on news of the day and on the question, “Should the U.S. military expand its response to ISIS?” The State Department reported that there had been 90 airstrikes in the region since August 8, 2014.

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    Homeland Security Law Enforcement Agenda

    Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provided operational status updates on their agencies, and talked about improvements and efficiencies they were working toward implementing in the near future. 

    “Law Enforcement Agenda 2014” was a breakout session of the Ninth Annual Homeland Security Law Institute held by the American Bar Association Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center August 21-22, 2014. Co-sponsors were the ABA’s Commission on Immigration; Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness; Criminal Justice Section; Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division; Law and National Security; Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources; Section of Intellectual Property Law; Section of International Law; and Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation.