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    Prime Minister Cameron Announces Resignation

    British Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would resign in October 2016 following a referendum in which British voters approved an exit from the European Union. He said he respected the will of the voters, and that it was important for new leadership to oversee negotiations with E.U. leaders over the nation’s exit. Prime Minister Cameron said he would be meeting with his cabinet members and the European Council in the coming days to discuss the transition.

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    House Republican Tax Reform Agenda

    The House Speaker and the Ways and Means Committee Chair says the party’s new tax proposal works for all taxpayers and includes cuts and simplication. This tax proposal is a part of the GOP’s “A Better Way” campaign.

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    Donald Trump News Conference in Turnberry, Scotland

    Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump delivered remarks and answered questions from reporters at a ribbon cutting for the reopening of the Trump Turnberry Resort, a golf club he purchased and renovated in Scotland. His appearance came the morning after British voters approved a referendum demanding the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, a result Trump said he supported. Most of the questions from reporters focused on the ongoing U.S. presidential election, but Mr. Trump fielded a number of inquiries on the U.K. referendum decision and its worldwide implications.

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    House Pro Forma Session

    The House convened for a pro forma session.