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    Book Discussion on Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat

    Max Holland, author of Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat, talked about the Watergate scandal, the role of "Deep Throat"and the media, and the motivations for Mark Felt’s anonymous whistle-blowing. He also responded to questions from the audience.

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    Radio: Nixon Phone Calls: Watergate 1973

    Nixon Phone Calls: Watergate 1973

    On December 28 and 29, C-SPAN Radio airs some of President Richard Nixon’s phone calls from the final release of these tapes by the Nixon Presidential Library. Many of these April 1973 calls deal with Watergate, as the President and his advisors try to contain the increasing revelations and damage from the scandal. Participants include Nixon Chief of Staff H.R. “Bob” Haldeman---White House Domestic Affairs Assistant John Ehrlichman---and White House Counsel John Dean. President Nixon also talks about foreign policy issues with National Security Adviser and future Secretary of State Henry Kissinger---and military base closings with Defense Secretary and future Attorney General Elliot Richardson.

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    40th Anniversary of United States v. Nixon Oral Argument

    Evan Davis, formerly a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Staff, talked about the Watergate inquiry 40 years previously. He talked about the U.S. Supreme Court case United States v. Nixon where President Nixon claimed executive privilege over his Oval Office tape recordings which were sought by the Watergate special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski. He was interviewed by Steve Scully by video link from New York City before and after a re-airing of the July 8, 1974, Supreme Court case. The audio recording of the court’s oral argument was aired with still images of the participants shown as they spoke.

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    Role of Executive Departments

    An examination of the president’s Cabinet was the topic of the C-SPAN Classroom. Topics included the general role of the Cabinet, the appointment process for Cabinet secretaries, the responsibilities of a Cabinet secretary, and the executive departments comprising the Cabinet.