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    Interior Department Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request

    Interior Secretary Sally Jewell testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee about her department’s fiscal year 2016 budget request. Topics included a $1 billion investment to transform Indian schools and education, implementation of the president’s Climate Action Plan by promoting renewable energy, and proposed new protections for large portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

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    Book Discussion on The Real Custer

    James Robbins talked about his book, The Real Custer: From Boy General to Tragic Hero, in which he recounts the life and military career of General George Custer. In his book, the author remembers Custer’s childhood and formative years, as well as his time in the field of battle; from the Civil War to his final defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn. James Robbins spoke at the Hudson Library and Historical Society in Hudson, Ohio.



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    John Judge

    Founder Hidden History Museum 10 Videos
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    William Rodriguez

    Survivor 2 Videos
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    Ned Ryun

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer American Majority 1 Video
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    Tom Shoop

    Executive Vice President and Editor in Chief Government Executive Media Group, Atlantic Media 7 Videos