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    Nixon Funeral Arrival at El Toro Air Station

    As the plane carrying the remains of former President Richard Milhous
    Nixon arrived at El Toro Air Station, C-SPAN took calls from viewers
    concerning the legacy of the 37th president. The coverage included
    the ceremonial procedures after the landing and the motorcade
    departure to the Nixon Library.

    Videotaped interviews were interspersed through the program with Reps. Kasich, Montgomery, and Emerson.

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    United States v. Nixon Oral Argument

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in United States v. Nixon concerned the executive privilege of the president regarding his unwillingness to voluntarily turn over tape recordings of several meetings over a nine-month period concerning the Watergate cover-up. Mr. St. Clair argued that the president had the right to keep the tapes based on his position as the country’s chief executive. Mr. Jaworski argued that the president was justicable because he was found to be an individual unindicted co-conspirator, and, the tapes, as evidence in a criminal trial, should be utilized in the prosecution or defense of those under indictment. 

    This an audio recording of the court’s oral argument with still images of the participants shown as they spoke.

    Associate Justice William Rehnquist, a Nixon appointee, recused himself as he had previously served in the Nixon administration.