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    White House Daily Briefing

    Josh Earnest briefed reporters and responded to questions on a variety of issues. Topics included the expiring charter of the Export-Import Bank, the extension of nuclear talks with Iran beyond the June deadline, and the Supreme Court’s Environmental Protection Agency ruling.

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    Jeb Bush Remarks in Columbia, South Carolina

    2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke at a campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina.

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    President Obama Bill Signing Ceremony

    President Obama signed two bills at a ceremony in the White House East Room, H.R. 2146, the Defending Public Safety Employees' Retirement Act, and H.R. 1295, the Trade Preferences Expansion Act of 2015. H.R. 1295 allows the president to submit trade pacts for congressional review under a fast-track trade authority and limits legislators' ability to amend the agreements. H.R. 2146 extends the the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, which funds a number of worker retraining programs throughout the U.S.

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    First Lady Michelle Obama Remarks on Girls' Access to Education

    First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at MORE Magazine’s Impact Awards Luncheon about her Let Girls Learn initiative, which aims to expand access to education for girls around the world.

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    Former Governor Huckabee at National Sheriffs' Association Conference

    Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR), a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, spoke about the importance of respecting and supporting law enforcement and the need to reduce crime rates. He said, “It’s never been more dangerous to be a cop.” Former Governor Huckabee said it was tragic that instead of putting blame on the criminals people were blaming the police officers. He criticizes elected and appointed officials, including the attorney general, for having anti-police sentiments. Other topics addressed included mental health, immigration, border security, and cyber security. 

    This was part of a Presidential Forum at the National Sheriffs' Association’s 75th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition, held at the Hilton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore.

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    U.S. Strategy Against ISIS

    Stephen Kappes and David Ignatius talked about ongoing efforts and challenges of combating *ISIS. Topics included the differences between dealing with the Iraqi and Syrian governments; Iran’s interests in the conflict; other regional partners such as Turkey, Kurdistan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia; and internal problems for the U.S. approach. Tom Sanderson moderated the discussion.

    * The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is a militant group that has called itself the Islamic State.

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    Q&A with Evan Thomas

    Evan Thomas talked about his book, Being Nixon: A Man Divided, about the life and career of Richard Nixon. In his book, Mr. Thomas explores President Nixon’s early years and family life, his courtship and marriage to wife Pat, the inner turmoil he experienced throughout his life, and his relationships with political advisers, friends, and staff.

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    LBJ Tapes: December 1963

    President Lyndon Johnson’s December 1963 calls, in the early days of his presidency.
    President Lyndon Johnson continued to work with, and sometimes against, Congress on passage of President John Kennedy’s bills as well as his own legislation. Also, calls about closings of military installations, the commission to investigate the JFK assassination, and Vietnam. Participants include Cabinet members, key members of Congress, and Texas Governor John Connally, who was seriously wounded in the shooting that killed President Kennedy.
    Note: Some language may be offensive.

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    Reverend Clementa Pinckney Funeral Service

    President Obama delivered a eulogy for Reverend and state Senator Clementa Pinckney, who was one of nine victims in the June 17, 2015, shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He called Mr. Pinckney a man of God who lived by faith and persevered to help provide a better life for others. He also commented on the Confederate flag and warned against betraying everything Mr. Pinckney stood for by failing to address the “uncomfortable truths about the prejudice that still infects our society.” President Obama ended by talking about the power of grace and then leading the audience in singing “Amazing Grace” and reading the names of the nine who were killed.

    Before the president’s remarks begin about three hours into the program, the service included musical interludes by the choir and several speeches in Mr. Pinckney’s honor.