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    President Obama Remarks on the Economy

    President Obama spoke about the economy at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

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    Rick Perry Economic and Job Creation Plan

    2016 Republican presidential candidate former Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) detailed his economic plan at a National Press Club luncheon address.

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    Larry Pratt on Gun Control

    Larry Pratt talked about calls for stronger gun regulations following the mass shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, in which nine people died.

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    Newsmakers with Matt Schlapp

    Matt Schlapp talked about Republican strategy for winning the presidency in 2016. He discussed some of the key issues in the 2016 elections, the role of moderates and the tea party movement, campaign finance, and the large number of Republicans announcing presidential bids. fter the interview the reporters discussed his responses with the host.

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    U.S. and Cuba Embassy Openings

    President Obama announced the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba and the opening of embassies by both countries in Washington and Havana. He also called on Congress to lift the embargo on Cuba.

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    Defense Department Issues

    Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Martin Dempsey briefed reporters on a range of issues. Topics included gender diversity in the armed services, the status of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and the Iran nuclear talks. Secretary Carter announced that President Obama’s nominee for the next Marine Corps commandant was Lieutenant General Robert Neller. General Dempsey spoke about the release of the National Military Strategy, and what it outlines for the U.S. joint force around the globe.

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    President Obama on the Affordable Care Act

    President Obama talked about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and the approaching third open enrollment period under the law. The previous week, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the legality of subsidies for Americans who buy insurance plans through federally operated exchanges set up as part of that legislation. President Obama also talked about the challenges facing the health care system and improvements that still needed to be made. He spoke at Taylor Stratton Elementary School in Madison, Tennessee, near Nashville. Nashville is home to more than 250 health care companies which account for about 200,000 jobs in the region.

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    Russian Media and Politics

    Russian journalist Alexei Venediktov talked about the state of Russian media and political system as a result of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. Alexei Venediktov is the editor and chief of the independent radio station Echo of Moscow and president of Echo TV Russia.

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    State Department Daily Briefing

    Spokesman John Kirby briefed reporters and responded to questions on a range of international issues, including the release of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s electronic mails and her relationship with Sid Blumenthal and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba.