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    Bicentennial of the National Anthem

    Vice President Biden and Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) spoke at an event commemorating the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

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    National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

    At an annual White House event, President Obama pardoned the national Thanksgiving turkey. 

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    President Obama on Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

    President Obama delivered a statement from the White House after a grand jury in St. Louis decided not to press criminal charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who killed an unarmed 18-year-old black man August 9, 2014.

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    Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony

    President Obama honored new Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients in a ceremony at the White House. Honorees included Representative John Dingell (D-MI), NBC host Tom Brokaw, and actress Meryl Streep.

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    White House Daily Briefing

    Josh Earnest briefed reporters and responded to questions on a variety of topics. The resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had been announced earlier in the day. Press Secretary Earnest said that the resignation was the result of conversations between President Obama and Secretary Hagel over the last few months and that no successor had been named. Other topics included strikes against the so-called Islamic State* and Iran’s nuclear program.

    *The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an extremist Sunni militant group that has called itself the Islamic State.

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    President Obama on Defense Secretary Resignation

    President Obama spoke about Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s decision to resign. Secretary Hagel agreed to continue his duties until a successor was nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

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    Weekly Presidential Address

    President Obama delivered his weekly address from Del Sol High School, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was speaking immigration. He spoke about the executive actions he was taking to fix the immigration system.

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    Open Phones with John Dean

    John Dean talked about his book, The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It. He also responded to viewer telephone calls and comments.

    He was interviewed at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International, held on the campus of Miami Dade College on November 22-23.

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    Book Discussion on The Nixon Defense and The Invisible Bridge

    John Dean, author of The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It, and Rick Perlstein, author of The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan, talked about their books.

    They spoke at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International, held on the campus of Miami Dade College on November 22-23.

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    President Obama Remarks in Nevada on Immigration

    President Obama talked about his decision to issue an executive order regarding the nation’s immigration laws. He spoke at Del Sol high School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada had the highest percentage of undocumented immigrants at the time, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.