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    Q&A with Judge Robert Katzmann

    Judge Robert Katzmann talked about his book, Judging Statutes, which explores his views on federal judges' interpretations of the the laws passed by Congress. His belief in deciphering the intent of a law is in contrast to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and other “textualists” who argue that laws passed by Congress are not open to interpretation by judges, as the text of a law should be strictly followed. Judge Katzmann also talked about his career, his mentor Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and his views on televising federal court proceedings. His court allows televised coverage of its cases.

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    Q&A with Richard Norton Smith

    Richard Norton Smith talked about his book, On His Own Terms: A Life of Nelson Rockefeller, in which he chronicles the life and legacy of America’s 41st Vice President. Mr. Smith talked about Vice President Rockefeller’s early years, his first marriage, his children, his waxing and waning influence on the Republican Party over the years, and his time and efforts as governor of New York State. He also talks about Vice President Rockefeller’s second marriage to Happy Rockefeller, the murky circumstances around his death, and his legacy. Vice President Rockefeller was nominated by Gerald Ford in August 1974 and approved by Congress in December of that year.