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    European Union Economic Policy Priorities

    Panelists talked about the future of the European Union and its policy priorities for the European economy, energy market, and defense policy. Experts from the European Parliament presented one of its most recent studies, Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe, 2014-19, to show the economic benefits of the efficiencies of the E.U.

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    In Depth with Gary Gallagher

    Gary Gallagher talked about his body of work on the U.S. Civil War and about his life, his career, and his interest in the Civil War. He also talked about American politics at the time of the Civil War, ways in which slavery shaped American history, and the importance of several Civil War battles. He also responded to telephone calls, electronic mail, and videotaped questions.

    A video was shown of part of a tour Mr. Gallagher conducted of the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland, on July 15, 2006. The tour was given to high school history teachers from Taos, New Mexico, as part of a U.S. Department of Education program called Teaching American History. A video clip was shown of Mr. Gallagher in his home office in Charlottesville, Virginia, as he described his working habits. A video, which was taped in the BookTV Bus while in Minneapolis, was shown of a reader asking the author a question. 

    Gary Gallagher is the University of Virginia Professor in the History of the American Civil War. His most recent book is, The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864. Professor Gallagher has written or edited 21 books on the Civil War including, Leaders of the Lost Cause: New Perspectives on the Confederate High Command (2004), Lee and His Army in Confederate History (2001), The Lost Cause and Civil War History (2000), Lee and His Generals in War and Memory (1998), The Confederate War (1997), Jubal A. Early, the Lost Cause, and Civil War History: A Persistent Legacy (1995) and Fighting for the Confederacy: The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander (1989). Professor Gallagher has given a 48-part lecture series for the Teaching Company on the Civil War, and has appeared in many documentaries about the conflict.