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    Horne v. Agriculture Department

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Horne v. Department of Agriculture. The case concerns a federal government program that requires growers to turn over large quantities of the raisins they grow in an effort to increase the price of the crop.

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    White House Correspondents' Association Student Scholarship Luncheon

    Josh Earnest delivered remarks before a panel discussion on the press and its impact on the U.S. presidency. The discussion took place at the annual White House Correspondents' Association Student Scholarship Luncheon.

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    Marriage Equality

    Panelists talked about the same-sex marriage cases the Supreme Court was scheduled to address the following week.

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    Libyan Conflict and Refugees

    Panelists talked about the humanitarian consequences of the conflict in Libya. They spoke about the refugee crisis stemming from the ongoing civil war between rival Islamist militias and two competing governments, as well as the implications for Libya’s neighbors.

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    Farewell Ceremony for Attorney General Eric Holder

    Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder delivered remarks to Justice Department employees in a ceremony to mark his six years of service. The Senate confirmed Loretta Lynch to take over the post in a 56-43 vote.

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    Secretary Jeh Johnson on Border Security

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke to reporters and responded to questions on his department’s efforts on border security.

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    State Department Daily Briefing

    Marie Harf briefed reporters and responded to questions on a variety of international issues.

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    Steve Cowan on the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

    Steve Cowan, general manager of the Washington Hilton, talked about the White House Correspondents' Association’s annual dinner taking place at the hotel on April 25, 2015. He talked about the behind-the-scenes logistics of the event, including staff requirements and dinner preparations, as well as the decisions that go into creating the menu.

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    Susan Rice on Trade and National Security

    Susan Rice delivered a keynote address at the annual spring summit of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., focusing on the link between imports and exports and U.S. national security.

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    Same-Sex Marriage

    Conservative religious leaders talked about their opposition to same-sex marriage as the Supreme Court prepared to hear oral argument on the matter. A prerecorded video message from Dr. James Dobson was also shown. Speakers said they would not abide by, respect, or follow a decision by the Supreme Court that allows same-sex couples to get married. They argued such as decision infringed upon religious freedom and was an assault on religious people.