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    Prospects for Black America, Restoring the Family

    Panelists discussed ways of maintaining family cohesiveness in the African-American community. Topics included innovative social structures such as those which could serve as teachers for youth who have no fathers.

    “Restoring the Family” was a panel of the symposium “Prospects for Black America: The Moynihan Report Turns 50,” held at the National Press Club to mark the 50th anniversary of then-Assistant Labor Secretary Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s study on the causes of black poverty in America.

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    New York City Mayoral Debate

    During the first of two hour-long televised encounters, incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg debated Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer. Mr. Ferrer said the incumbent had failed to address unaffordable housing and high dropout rates among high school students. Mayor Bloomberg argued his record on public safety, the economy, and education had earned him a second term. They responded to questions and comments from members of a panel.

    The debate was held at the studios of WABC-TV, New York City. The second debate was held on November 1, 2005. Mr. Ritter moderated the event, which was paneled by Ms. Oller, Mr. Louis, and Mr. Evans. Participating by video feed, residents of the city asked questions of the participants.