In the Community

Bus/Community Relations

The C-SPAN Bus is an interactive, multi-media learning center that brings C-SPAN’s coverage of public affairs to communities nationwide and teaches students, teachers and the public how to follow Washington Your Way. The Bus attends events across the country, including book festivals, education conferences, and political gatherings. We also work with local cable providers to bring the Bus to universities, high schools, libraries and various other locations. The Bus is equipped with a television studio and multiple monitors where visitors can view and interact with C-SPAN programs and websites. Visitors can also test their knowledge of public affairs through quizzes and learn about the StudentCam documentary contest. Additionally, C-SPAN sends representatives to visit communities across the country, year round.  We introduce visitors to our public affairs programming while providing a greater understanding of C-SPAN and our free resources.

C-SPAN Cities Tour

C-SPAN’s Cities Tour takes our Book TV and American History TV (AHTV) programming on the road. We travel to selected cities to feature the history and literary life of these communities. We’ve chosen cities that are rich with history and have interesting local literary communities, but not often featured on the national scene. With our visit to each, we hope to bring a little of their heritage to our nationwide audience. Working with our cable partners and the city, our producers will take our specially outfitted Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) into these selected cities, visiting various literary and historic sites, as we interview local historians, authors and civic leaders. Equipped to shoot and edit on location, we’ll also meet with students, teachers, and local leaders to talk about C-SPAN’s mission in covering public affairs programming and our efforts in the community.


Teachers have long used C-SPAN programming as part of their curriculum development, and the C-SPAN Classroom Department supports educators’ efforts with study guides, workshops and contests.

Bringing Communities Together

Representatives from C-SPAN occasionally visit people in communities across the country to recognize them for a C-SPAN related achievement, and we showcase their successes on the website. This gives us an opportunity to build relationships with our audiences across the country.

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