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    Book Discussion on Negroland

    Margo Jefferson talked about her book Negroland: A Memoir, in which she talks about growing up among the black elite in America.

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    Radio: C-SPAN2 Book TV

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    Washington Ideas Forum, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

    Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was interviewed. The 7th annual Washington Ideas Forum was held by the Atlantic Magazine and the Aspen Institute at the Harman Center for the Arts in…

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    After Words with Martha Kumar

    Professor Martha Kumar talked about her book Before the Oath, in which she looks at presidential transitions. Professor Kumar was interviewed by Mack McLarty, former White House Chief…

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    Radio: American History TV; "The People Make the Peace"

    Contributors and editors from the book “The People Make the Peace: Lessons from the Vietnam Antiwar Movement,” discuss their personal experiences in that movement.

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    1906 Earthquake

    Gaye LeBaron talked about the 1906 earthquake that destroyed much of Santa Rosa, California. Commonly referred to as the San Francisco Earthquake, the 7.8 magnitude quake caused…

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    Panel Discussion on the Future of Baltimore

    Panelists talked about the future of the city of Baltimore, Maryland. “Baltimore: The Path Forward” was a panel discussion in the Literary Salon at the 20th annual Baltimore…

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    Climate Change and Security

    Retired Admiral David Titley spoke about the effects of climate change on security and public policy. He begins by describing his experience as a Navy navigator. Professor Titley…

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    Indian Claims Commission

    Professor Gregory Smoak talked about the Indian Claims Commission, a judicial panel created in 1946 for relations between the U.S. government and Native American tribes. It was…

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    Radio: Washington Ideas Forum

    Discussions with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and former Vice-President Al Gore.

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    Book Discussion on The Work

    Wes Moore talked about his book, The Work: My Search for a Life That Matters. He spoke in the Literary Salon at the 20th annual Baltimore Book Festival.

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    Albert Gallatin and the Treaty of Ghent

    Ron Duquette portrayed Albert Gallatin, Treasury Secretary from 1801-1814 and a member of the commission that negotiated the Treaty of Ghent. He spoke about the War of 1812 and the…

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    Radio: Secretary Arne Duncan on Education Policy

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan talked about the role of race and class in education, as well as the state of criminal justice in the U.S. He announced a new White House proposal to divert…

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    Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

    Rebecca Baker gave a tour of horticulturalist Luther Burbank’s home and gardens. Burbank developed more than 800 varieties of plants, including the Russet…

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    Communicators with Chip Pickering

    Chip Pickering talked about the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality ruling, open Internet, the “Internet of things,” the future of broadband and…

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    Weekly Republican Address

    Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) delivered the weekly Republican address. He said that the Obama administration had saddling the nation with thousands of costly and burdensome regulations…

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    Weekly Presidential Address

    President Obama delivered his weekly address. The urged Congress to do its job to strengthen the economy by passing a budget instead of passing a last-minute bill to keep the…

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    Formation of the Lost Cause

    Phillip Greenwalt talked about how Southerners coped with the loss of the Confederacy following the Civil War. He argued that many of their writings served as the foundation of the…

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    The Nixon Tapes: October 1971, Part 2

    President Richard Nixon talked about possible Supreme Court nominees, the presidential campaign, and legislation with Attorney General John Mitchell, White House Special Counsel Charles…

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    Jack London State Historic Park

    Charles Levine talked about Jack London State Historic Park and gave a tour of the cottage where London did much of his writing. In 1905, Jack London, author of The Call of the Wild…

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