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    Phoenix VA Inspector General's Report, Panel 2

    The House Veterans' Affairs Committee held a hearing on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) inspector general’s report on long wait times for health care and other concerns at the…

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    Historic Fort Snelling

    Matt Cassady talked about how the establishment of Fort Snelling led end of the Dakota Indians in Minnesota and strengthened America’s growth into the Western U.S. The fort was built…

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    Book Discussion on Slow Dancing with a Stranger

    Meryl Comer talked about her book, Slow Dancing with a Stranger: Lost and Found in the Age of Alzheimer’s, in which she reports on the effects of Alzheimer’s, the degenerative…

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    Upcoming Book TV Events

    Upcoming Book TV event coverage as of September 20, 2014 was shown.

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    Universal Newsreel on 1964 Presidential Campaign

    A 1964 Universal Newsreel report on the opening speeches by President Johnson and Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ). Also included was a report on Hurricane Dora, which made landfall in…

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    Book Discussion on Unabomber

    Retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents Jim Freeman, Terry Turchie, and Donald Max Noel talked about their book, Unabomber: How the FBI Broke Its Own Rules to Capture the…

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    Interview with Poet Laureate Carol Connolly

    Carol Connolly, St. Paul, Minnesota’s first appointed Poet Laureate, talked about her life and career, including her role in the community, and how poetry can illuminate the…

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    Book Discussion on The Nazi and the Psychiatrist

    Jack El-Hai talked about his book, The Nazi and the Psychiatrist: Hermann Göring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a Fatal Meeting of Minds at the End of WWII, in which he tells the story…

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    Common Good Books

    Assistant Manager David Enyeart talked about Common Good Books, an independent bookstore in St. Paul, Minnesota, founded and owned by Garrison Keillor.  C-SPAN’s Local…

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    Book Discussion on The Latehomecomer

    Kao Kalia Yang talked about her book, The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir, in which she shares her family’s experience of living in a refugee camp in Thailand before resettling…

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    Gangster History in St. Paul, Minnesota

    Paul Maccabee, author of John Dillinger Slept Here: A Crooks Tour of Crime and Corruption in St. Paul, 1920-1936, talked about how St. Paul, Minnesota, became a safe haven for the…

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    Cultural History of St. Paul, Minnesota

    Patrick Coleman, acquisitions librarian for the Minnesota Historical Society, talked about the cultural and literary history of St. Paul, Minnesota. He spoke about the early…

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    F. Scott Fitzgerald in St. Paul, Minnesota

    Dave Page gave a tour of many locations in St. Paul, Minnesota, associated with F. Scott Fitzgerald. The author of novels and short stories such as The Great Gatsby is regarded as…

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    Book TV in St. Paul, Minnesota

    C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their “2014 LCV Cities Tour” in St. Paul, Minnesota, from July 21-24 to feature the history and literary life of…

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    Challenges Facing America's Youth

    Damon Williams talked about the challenges facing America’s youth. Topics included poor academic performance, discrimination, violence, and poverty. He also discussed what…

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    National Book Awards Long List

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    U.S. Defense Spending

    Gordon Adams talked about the debate over whether to increase defense spending in light of recent events in the Middle East and Ukraine.

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    State of U.S. Economy

    Jason Fichtner and Rudolph Penner talked about Speaker John Boehner’s speech on the economy and the broader economic climate as the elections approach.

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    Open Phones

    The telephone lines were open for viewer comments on the news of the day.

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    Future of Newspapers and Politics

    Rick Green spoke to Iowa State University students about the future of newspapers and about Iowa’s role in national politics at the annual Chamberlin Lecture. He also answered…

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