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New York Military Affairs Symposium

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    Harlem Rattlers and World War I

    Jeffrey Sammons, co-author of Harlem’s Rattlers and the Great War: The Undaunted 369th Regiment and the African American Quest for Equality, talked about the self-proclaimed Harlem…

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    Vietnam 1963

    Four Vietnam War historians talked about the events of 1963, a year many consider pivotal to the conflict. They discussed the political atmosphere in South Vietnam, the country’s…

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    Wartime Presidents from Lincoln to Obama

    Author Andrew Polsky talked about the wartime decisions of several U.S. Presidents, from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama. All U.S. presidents, regardless of their background, serve as…

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    How U.S. Economists Won World War II

    Author and professor Jim Lacey talked about his book, Keep from All Thoughtful Men: How U.S. Economists Won World War II, in which he details the decisions economists and generals made to…

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    Thomas Holcomb and the Marine Corps

    Author David Ulbrich talked about the career of Thomas Holcomb, Marine Corps commandant from 1936 to 1943, and his impact upon the creation of the modern Marine Corps. Thomas Holcomb…

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    Book Discussion on Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany

    Historian Richard Lucas, a shortwave radio enthusiast, talked about the life of Mildred Gillars and how the American-born radio performer became employed by the Nazis during World War II…

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    Book Discussion on Mussolini: The Secrets of His Death

    Robert Miller talked about the book Mussolini: The Secrets of His Death, published by Enigma Books, at the City University Graduate Center in New York City. Mr. Miller published…

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    Book Discussion on The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception

    From the Military Affairs Symposium held at the City University of New York, author Thaddeus Holt spoke about his book The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War…