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    U.S.-Japanese Relations

    Prime Minister of Japan, Noboru Takeshita, discussed Japanese initiatives in the areas of economic relations with the U.S., problems of developing countries, and defense. In his…

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    Realities Facing the U.S. Military

    Secretary of the Navy James Webb talked about the need for open discussion regarding whether, and how, the U.S. can maintain commitments throughout the world. He said that commitments…

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    Reagan-Gorbachev Summit

    The former New York Times editor and foreign correspondent, Harrison Salisbury, delivered a speech to the National Press Club titled “Looking at the Summit from Moscow and…

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    Democracy in Central America

    The Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte discussed the struggle to establish and consolidate constitutional democracy in El Salvador and the role of U.S. support in solidifying the…

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    Economics & Politics

    Professor James Buchanan spoke of winning the 1986 Nobel Prize for Economics and his views on economics. Professor Buchanan answered questions from the audience.

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    HIV/AIDS Epidemic in America

    Elizabeth Taylor spoke about her work on behalf of those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, the work of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and called on officials and citizens to take…