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    After Words with Burton Folsom

    Burton Folsom talked about his book, Uncle Sam Can’t Count: A History of Failed Government Investments, from Beaver Pelts to Green Energy, which he co-wrote with his wife…

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    Book Discussion on The End Is Near and It's Going to Be Awesome

    Kevin Williamson talked about his book, The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure, in which he argues that the…

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    Future of Energy

    Harold Hamm talked about the oil industry and the benefits derived from the drilling procedure known as “fracking.” He argued that Obama administration energy policies were…

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    After Words with Kevin Williamson

    Kevin Williamson provides a detailed definition of the term and says aspects of socialism are pervasive in the U.S. economy. Mr. Williamson discussed the best and worst models of…