House Session

Bills Introduced: 18 public bills, H.R. 4180-4197; and 5 resolutions, H. Con. Res. 298-299 and H. Res. 461-463, were… read more

Bills Introduced: 18 public bills, H.R. 4180-4197; and 5 resolutions, H. Con. Res. 298-299 and H. Res. 461-463, were introduced. 

Pages H1851-52

Reports Filed: Reports were filed today as follows:

Supplemental report on H.R. 1776, to expand homeownership in the United States (H. Rept. 106-553 Part 2); and

H. Res. 460, providing for consideration of H.R. 1776, to expand homeownership in the United States (H. Rept. 106-562).

Page H1851

Speaker Pro Tempore: Read a letter from the Speaker wherein he designated Representative Gillmor to act as Speaker pro tempore for today. 

Page H1767

Guest Chaplain: The prayer was offered by the Rev. Jim Fisher, Chaplain, United States Coast Guard of Washington, D.C.

Page H1767

Sequoia Ecosystem and Recreation Preserve Act: Agreed that Representative George Miller of California be hereafter considered as the first sponsor of H.R. 2077, a bill originally introduced by the late Honorable George Brown of California, for the purposes of adding cosponsors and requesting reprints. 

Page H1767

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act: The House passed H.R. 3660, to amend title 18, United States Code, to ban partial-birth abortions by a yea and nay vote of 287 yeas to 141 nays, Roll No. 104.

Pages H1779-H1801

Rejected the Frank of Massachusetts motion to recommit the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary with instructions to report it back with an amendment that exempts a partial-birth abortion to avert serious adverse longterm physical health consequences by a yea and nay vote of 140 yeas to 289 nays, Roll No. 103.

Pages H1799-H1801

H. Res. 457, the rule that provided for consideration of the bill was agreed to by a yea and nay vote of 244 yeas to 179 nays, Roll No. 102.

Pages H1771-79

Committee on Banking and Financial Services: The Committee on Banking and Financial Services received permission to file a supplemental report on H.R. 1776, American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act. 

Page H1801 D318

Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs Improvements Act: The House passed H.R. 3671, to amend the Acts popularly known as the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act and the Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Act to enhance the funds available for grants to States for fish and wildlife conservation projects and increase opportunities for recreational hunting, bow hunting, trapping, archery, and fishing, by eliminating opportunities for waste, fraud, abuse, maladministration, and unauthorized expenditures for administration and execution of those Acts by a yea and nay vote of 423 yeas to 2 nays, Roll No. 105.

Pages H1806-21

Page: D318

Agreed to the Committee on Resources amendment in the nature of a substitute made in order by the rule. 

Pages H1815-20

Agreed to:

Young of Alaska amendment that increases the cap on the amounts authorized in the bill for the annual Set-Asides for Administration and makes technical changes;

Page H1818

Udall of Colorado amendment that requires an implementation report on the Act from the Secretary of the Interior; and

Page H1819

Traficant amendment that requires compliance with the Buy American Act. 

Pages H1819-20

H. Res. 455, the rule that provided for consideration of the bill was agreed to by a voice vote. 

Pages H1801-06

Presidential Message--Transportation of Hazardous Materials: Read a message from the President wherein he transmitted the Department of Transportation biennial report on the transportation of hazardous materials for Calendar Years 1996-1997--referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. 

Page H1821

Quorum Calls--Votes: Four yea and nay votes developed during the proceedings of the House today and appear on pages H1778-79, H1800-01, H1801, and H1820-21. There were no quorum calls. 

Adjournment: The House met at 10:00 a.m. and adjourned at 9:40 p.m. close

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