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Measures Introduced: Four bills were introduced, as follows: S. 3096-3099. Page S9033 Public Health Service Act Amendment: Committee on… read more

Measures Introduced: Four bills were introduced, as follows: S. 3096-3099.

Page S9033

Public Health Service Act Amendment: Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions was discharged from further consideration of H.R. 4365, to amend the Public Health Service Act with respect to children’s health, and the bill was then passed, after agreeing to the following amendment:

Pages S9094-S9116

Lott (for Frist) Amendment No. 4181, in the nature of a substitute. 

Page S9094

Kenai Mountains/Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area: Senate passed S. 2511, to establish the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area in the State of Alaska, after agreeing to certain committee amendments (committee amendments Nos. 4 and 5 were subsequently withdrawn), and the following amendment proposed thereto:

Pages S9088, S9116-17

Lott (for Murkowski) Amendment No. 4182, to make technical and clarifying corrections. 

Page S9088

Enrollment Correction: Senate agreed to H. Con. Res. 405, to correct the enrollment of H.R. 4919, Defense and Security Assistance Act. 

Page S9118

H-1B Nonimmigrant Visa: Senate agreed to the motion to proceed to the consideration of S. 2045, to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act with respect to H-1B nonimmigrant aliens, and began consideration of the bill, taking action on the following amendments proposed thereto:

Pages S9026-28, S9037


Lott (for Abraham) Amendment No. 4177, in the nature of a substitute. 

Page S9028

Lott Amendment No. 4178 (to Amendment No. 4177), of a perfecting nature. 

Pages S9028 29

Lott Motion to Recommit the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary, with instructions to report back forthwith. 

Page S9028

Lott Amendment No. 4179 (to the Motion to Recommit), of a perfecting nature. 

Pages S9028-29

Lott Amendment No. 4180 (to Amendment No. 4179), of a perfecting nature. 

Page S9028

A motion was entered to close further debate on Amendment No. 4178 (to Amendment No. 4177) and, in accordance with the provisions of the Rule XXII of the Standing Rules of the Senate, a vote on the cloture motion will occur on Tuesday, September 26, 2000.

Page S9028

National Energy Security Act: Senate began consideration of the motion to proceed to consideration of S. 2557, to protect the energy security of the United States and decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil sources to 50 percent by the Year 2010 by enhancing the use of renewable energy resources, conserving energy resources, improving energy efficiencies, and increasing domestic energy supplies, mitigating the effect of increases in energy prices on the American consumer, including the poor and the elderly. 

Page S9029

Senate will resume consideration of the motion to proceed to consideration of the bill on Monday, September 25, 2000.

Kake Tribal Corporation Land Exchange Act: Senate concurred in the amendment of the House to S. 430, to amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, to provide for a land exchange between the Secretary of Agriculture and the Kake Tribal Corporation, clearing the measure for the President. 

Page S9116

Defense and Security Assistance Act Conference Report: Senate agreed to the conference report on H.R. 4919, to amend the Foreign Assistance Act of D9561961 and the Arms Export Control Act to make improvements to certain defense and security assistance provisions under those Acts, to authorize the transfer of naval vessels to certain foreign countries, clearing the measure for the President. 

Page S9118

Messages From the President: Senate received the following message from the President of the United States:

Page: D956

Transmitting, pursuant to law, a report on the emergency declared with respect to the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA); to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. (PM-129)

Page S9032

Nominations Received: Senate received the following nominations:

Mary Lou Leary, of Virginia, to be an Assistant Attorney General. 

Page S9122

Messages From the President:

Page S9032

Messages From the House:

Page S9032

Measures Referred:

Page S9032

Measures Placed on Calendar:

Pages S9032, S9117-18


Page S9033

Statements on Introduced Bills:

Page S9033

Additional Cosponsors:

Pages S9036-37

Amendments Submitted:

Page S9037

Additional Statements:

Page S9031

Text of S. 2046, as Previously Passed:

Page S9088

Recessed: Senate convened at 10 a.m., and recessed at 1 p.m., until 12 noon, on Monday, September 25, 2000. (For Senate’s program, see the remarks of the Majority Leader in today’s Record on page S9122.) close

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