Welfare Reform

The panelists talked about recent reforms in welfare programs and their effects on welfare recipients. They discussed the details of various kinds of reforms and their results.

People in this video

  • Eloise Anderson Director Claremont Institute->Program for the American Family
  • Rebecca M. Blank Dean University of Michigan->Ford (Gerald R.) School of Public Policy
  • Dan Bloom Manpower Demonstration Research Corp.
  • Rodney Carroll President and CEO Welfare-to-Work Partnership
  • David T. Ellwood Professor Harvard University->Kennedy (J.F.) School of Government
  • Mark H. Greenberg Specialist Center for Law and Social Policy->Welfare
  • Ronald Haskins Staff Director (Former) Ways and Means->Subcommittee on Human Resources
  • Henry Olsen Vice President & Director Manhattan Institute for Policy Research->Center for Civic Innovation
  • LaDonna Pavetti Research Associate Urban Institute, The
  • Robert E. Rector Senior Policy Analyst Heritage Foundation
  • Julie Strawn Senior Policy Analyst Center for Law and Social Policy
  • Deb Weinstein Director Children's Defense Fund->Family Income Division
  • Inez Zayaz Member Community Voices Heard
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Welfare Reform

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Feb 2, 2001
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Feb 6, 2001

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  • Feb 02, 2001 | 1:10pm EST | C-SPAN 2
  • Feb 03, 2001 | 2:25am EST | C-SPAN 2
  • Feb 05, 2001 | 7:07pm EST | C-SPAN 1
  • Feb 06, 2001 | 3:58am EST | C-SPAN 2
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