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The Senate agreed to S. Res. 76, to encourage the president of the United States to confer with the sovereign state of Kuwait,… read more

The Senate agreed to S. Res. 76, to encourage the president of the United States to confer with the sovereign state of Kuwait, countries of the coalition, or the United Nations to establish an International Criminal Court or an International Military tribunal to try and punish all individuals, including President Saddam Hussein, involved in the planning or execution of crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity as defined under international law. The Senate passed S. 578, to authorize supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 1991 for the Department of Defense for Operation Desert Storm, and to provide military personnel benefits for persons serving during Operation Desert Storm. The Senate passed S. 331, to remove a limitation on the amount of leave that may accrue toward leave payable upon discharge. The Senate passed S. 332, to increase the rate of special pay for duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger, extend unemployment compensation benefits, and expand savings programs and life insurance coverage for members of the armed forces serving in connection with the Persian Gulf conflict. The Senate disagreed to the amendment of the House to S. 419, to amend the Federal Home Loan Bank Act to enable the Resolution Trust Corporation to meet its obligations to its depositors and others by the least expensive means. A unanimous-consent agreement providing for the consideration of H. R. 1282, making supplemental appropriations and transfers for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1991,was reached. close

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Senate Proceeding
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Mar 14, 1991

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