U.S. Policy Towards Iraq

The committee heard testimony from April Glaspie, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, on the U.S. policy towards Iraq before the beginning of… read more

The committee heard testimony from April Glaspie, former U.S.

Ambassador to Iraq, on the U.S. policy towards Iraq before the

beginning of the Persian Gulf war. Ms. Glaspie has generally been

considered the Bush Administration’s scapegoat for the U.S. policy of

appeasement of Iraq before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2,

1990. A transcript released by Iraq of a July 25 meeting between

Amb. Glaspie and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was used by Iraq to

claim that Amb. Glaspie told Saddam the U.S. would not be concerned

if Iraq entered Kuwait.

Ambassador Glaspie had not made a public appearance since the Iraqi

invasion of Kuwait, which some attributed to the fact the Iraqi

transcript was fundamentally accurate. A senior administration

official was quoted by the New York Times shortly after the release

of the Iraqi transcript as saying the transcript was "fundamentally

accurate." In an appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations

committee on March 20, Amb. Glaspie said the Iraqi transcript was

inaccurate and failed to mention her repeated warnings to Saddam

Hussein that the U.S. would retaliate to secure its interests.

Earlier today, the State Department said for the first time that the

Iraqi transcript was inaccurate, and claimed that it had not

discussed the inaccuracy of the transcript before because the

department was too busy with the negotiations in the Middle East.

In her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs committee, Amb.

Glaspie said about 20 percent of the Iraqi transcript was distorted

or dropped. She admitted that she had never told Saddam the U.S.

would fight if Iraq invaded Kuwait, but said Saddam Hussein

understood her statement that the U.S. would defend its vital

interests. She also said she could not determine U.S. policy, to the

extent of directly threatening force, on her own without consulting

the president. close

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