September 11 Commission Report

The committee reviewed September 11 Commission proposals to reorganize the intelligence community, strengthen U.S. borders, and target… read more

The committee reviewed September 11 Commission proposals to reorganize the intelligence community, strengthen U.S. borders, and target terrorist support networks. Chairman Coble outlined the hearing’s goals, and Rep. Scott discussed the Commission’s findings, relating them to constitutional issues and domestic law enforcement. 

Mr. Kojm discussed the Commission’s findings regarding the FBI and its role as an intelligence agency. The Commission found the FBI’s “performance seriously deficient.” He asserted that communication barriers within the FBI prevented counterterrorism priorities from “effectively finding their way into daily work.” Mr. Kojm went on to argue that FBI reforms are underway, but further steps are needed.

Mr. Pistole expounded on post-September 11 reforms undertaken by the FBI “to enhance operational and analytic capabilities.” He emphasized that the FBI has “created and refined new information sharing systems.”

Mr. Brennan discussed the creation of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, “an integrated center to merge and analyze all threat information.” He emphasized many agencies and departments collaborate through the center and called for it to become the nucleus of a new national counterterrorism center.

Mr. Nojeim spoke about the need to face “challenges to civil liberties” found in the “proposed consolidation of intelligence powers.” He made four recommendations: the retention of congressional oversight, the creation of a civil liberties oversight board, the creation of a national intelligence director outside of the executive office of the President, and the rejection of “the federalization of identity documents issued by the states.”

Following the testimony, committee members questioned the witnesses on a variety of issues. close

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