Sovereignty, Security and Justice

Ms. Pletka and Mr. Rubin moderated a discussion of the situation in Iraq from an Iraqi perspective. Ms. Al-Rahim,… read more

Ms. Pletka and Mr. Rubin moderated a discussion of the situation in Iraq from an Iraqi perspective. Ms. Al-Rahim, Mr. Chalabi, and Mr. Al-Rahim all lived outside of Iraq for several years. They argued that the American invasion has resulted in “an unmitigated, unqualified good” by removing Saddam Hussein from power. They asserted that the creation of the Iraq Interim Government “gave Iraqis confidence that they now have a government that is for them and of them.” They claimed that, while the security situation has been slow to improve, it is improving. They attributed the continuing insurgency on “relatively small groups of foreigners.” They noted that some insurgents “are motivated by fierce nationalism and a dislike of foreign troops,” and asserted that these insurgents are “essentially interested in joining the new order in Iraq.” They also addressed obstacles that remain to stability in Iraq. Following their comments, the panelists responded to questions from members of the audience. close

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  • Danielle Pletka Vice President American Enterprise Institute->Foreign and Defense Policy Studies
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