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The Senate agreed to S.Res. 145, to make a minority party change in Committees. The Senate passed H.R. 904, to direct the… read more

The Senate agreed to S.Res. 145, to make a minority party change in Committees. The Senate passed H.R. 904, to direct the Secretary of the Interior to prepare a national historic landmark theme study on African American history. The Senate passed H.R. 1143, to authorize a study of nationally significant places in American labor history. The Senate agreed to S.Res. 143, relating to the reconstitution and reauthorization of the Senate World Climate Observation Group. The Senate continued consideration of S.1241, to control crime and reduce violent crime. The Inouye (D-HI) amendment 370, to accord Indian Tribal governments a right similar to state governments to determine whether the death penalty should apply to offenses committed by Indians within their jurisdiction, was passed, as was the Grassley (R-IA) and Nickles (R-OK) amendment 376., to require preparation of victim impact statements in connection with hearings to determine whether a sentence of death is justified. The Thurmond (R-SC) amendment 373, to provide for uniform application of the death penalty on Indian lands, was rejected. The Biden (D-DE) amendment 371, to modify the application of the death penalty with respect to drug kingpins in which no murder has been the direct result of the crime, was also rejected. The Simon (D-IL) amendment 374, to provide for the sentence of mandatory life imprisonment without release, was rejected. The Symms (R-ID) amendment 377, to impose capital punishment for drug-related homicides in the District of Columbia, was pending, as were the Helms (R-NC) amendment 378 regarding preferential hiring due to race, the Mitchell (D-ME) amendment 379, to provide for reform of habeas corpus procedures, the Hatch (R-UT) /Thurmond (R-SC) amendment 380 in the nature of a substitute. close

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Senate Proceeding
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Jun 25, 1991

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