Securing U.S. Transit Systems

A hearing was held titled “After the London Attacks: What Lessons Have Been Learned to Secure U.S. Transit Systems?” Assistant… read more

A hearing was held titled “After the London Attacks: What Lessons Have Been Learned to Secure U.S. Transit Systems?” Assistant Secretary Kip Hawley testified about the programs and initiatives of the Transportation Security Administration in mass transit and rail security. The areas of focus he discussed were stakeholder partnership and cooperation; risk assessment; and technology evaluation. Then, transit and security officials provided background of the London and Washington, D.C. rail systems. Mr. Brown discussed the London Underground security before the July 7 London bombings, as well as recent and future improvements to the system. Polly Hanson, Chief of the Metro Transit Police Department for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, spoke about railway transportation in the nation’s capital, including a discussion on emergency preparedness before September 11, 2001.

Senators Collins and Lieberman are requesting that the Homeland Security Department issue an unclassified version of the recently submitted National Strategy for Transportation Security. Mr. Ron is the president of New Age Security Solutions, a transportation security consultancy firm based in McLean, Virginia, established in October of 2001 following a request by the Massachusetts Port Authority to provide professional support in developing and implementing a new security policy for Logan Airport. close

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