China and Democracy

Moderated by Mr. Mohr, the panelists discussed the future of China and the likelihood of democracy taking hold there. They also… read more

Moderated by Mr. Mohr, the panelists discussed the future of China and the likelihood of democracy taking hold there. They also talked about the current government in China, democracy efforts there, and the recent news stories about Internet censorship by the Chinese government. After their presentations they responded to audience members' questions. 

Professor Goldman said that while the phrase “democracy and China” is not a contradiction, this does not mean that China will become a democracy in the near future. She is the author of From Comrade to Citizen: The Struggle for Political Rights in China, published by Harvard University Press. 

Professor Zhao agreed that since China began revamping its economy in the late 1970s, the pressure for political reform has been building. He is the author of Debating Political Reform in China: Rule of Law vs. Democratization, published by M.E. Sharpe.

Professor Goldman read the remarks of Richard Baum, a professor of political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the director of the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies. Professor Baum, the author of Burying Mao, asserted that Chinese leaders in recent years have adopted a variety of soft authoritarian measures designed to expand cautiously the arena of political inclusion without enlarging the scope of public empowerment.

Professor Zhou focused on Internet politics in China. He said the politics of the Internet is understood in the context of Chinese government control of all media. He is the author of Historicizing Online Politics: Telegraphy, the Internet, and Political Participation in China, published by Stanford University Press. close

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  • Merle Goldman Professor Emerita Harvard University->Fairbank (John King) Center for Chinese Studies
  • Mark Mohr Associate Wilson (Woodrow) International Center for Scholars->Asia Program
  • Suisheng Zhao Associate Professor University of Denver->Graduate School of International Studies
  • Yongming Zhou Associate Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison->Anthropology Department
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