Future of American Politics

The first panel spoke on the changing political culture in the United States and how it will affect the next social… read more

The first panel spoke on the changing political culture in the United States and how it will affect the next social contract. Panelists focused on the growing demand for post-partisanship, teamwork, and tolerance among younger voters. The second panel discussed political institutions and elections, including the past political era, which began in 1978, and the possible shape of the new political era that panelists believe is beginning. The third panel discussed possible policies in the next political era? Some topics were broadening asset ownership, modernizing the tax system, and workplace flexibility. The final panel spoke on political parties in the next political era. They discussed how each party is struggling to build a new majority coalition and the growing popularity of the Democratic Party, particularly among young people. Following each panel panelists answered questions from members of the audience. 

The event featured the release of a new paper by Professor Cliff Zukin, titled “The American Public and the Next Social Contract: Public Opinion and Political Culture in 2007.” close

People in this video

  • David Frum Resident Fellow American Enterprise Institute
  • David E. Gray Director New America Foundation->Workforce and Family Program
  • Phillip Longman Senior Fellow and Director New America Foundation->Next Social Contract Initiative
  • Maya MacGuineas Director New America Foundation->Fiscal Policy Program
  • Susan Milligan National Correspondent Boston Globe->Politics
  • Len Nichols Director New America Foundation->Health Policy Program
  • Mark Schmitt Senior Fellow New America Foundation
  • Julian E. Zelizer Professor Princeton University->History and Public Affairs
  • Cliff Zukin Professor Rutgers University->Department of Public Policy
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