The Future of the American Presidency

A discussion was held on the future of the presidency. Panel members were asked to consider five questions: has to presidency become… read more

A discussion was held on the future of the presidency. Panel members were asked to consider five questions: has to presidency become too powerful, would the founders approve of today’s presidency, does the presidency threaten our system of checks and balances, do Americans rely too much on presidential leadership to solve problems, and the extent to which the presidency contributes to public distrust. Topics included President Obama, the future of the presidency after George W. Bush, and the current economic crisis. After their remarks, panelists responded to audience members' questions.

The fourth annual Ronald Reagan Symposium, “The Future of the American Presidency.” was held by the Robertson School of Government in the Main Theatre of Regent University. 

Brandice Canes-Wrone is the author of Who Leads Whom? Presidents, Policy, and the Public (University of Chicago Press; 2005).

George Edwards, III, is the author of Governing by Campaigning: The Politics of the Bush Presidency (2008), On Deaf Ears: The Limits of the Bully Pulpit (2003), and At the Margins: Presidential Leadership of Congress (1989). He serves as editor of Presidential Studies Quarterly.

Gene Healy is the author of The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power (2008).

William Howell is the co-author of While Dangers Gather: Congressional Checks on Presidential War Powers (Princeton University Press, 2007) and author of Power Without Persuasion: The Politics of Direct Presidential Action (Princeton University Press, 2003).

Stephen Skowronek is the author of Presidential Leadership in Political Time: Reprise and Reappraisal (2008).

Jeffrey Tulis is the author of The Rhetorical Presidency (1987) and The Presidency in the Constitutional Order (1981). close

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  • George C. Edwards III Distinguished Professor Texas A. and M. University (College Station, TX)->Political Science
  • Gene Healy Vice President Cato Institute
  • Hugh Heclo Professor George Mason University, Arlington->Public Affairs
  • William G. Howell Associate Professor University of Chicago->Political Science Department
  • Stephen Skowronek Professor Yale University->Political Science
  • Robert J. Spitzer Distinguished Professor State University of New York, Cortland->Political Science Department
  • Jeffrey K. Tulis Associate Professor University of Texas at Austin->Department of Government
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