Vietnam Revisited, Day 2

In a reair of a May 20, 1992, interview, Senator McCain discussed his experiences in Vietnam as an Air Force major and a prisoner of war… read more

In a reair of a May 20, 1992, interview, Senator McCain discussed his experiences in Vietnam as an Air Force major and a prisoner of war for five years. Footage is shown of his April 1992 tour of the prisons in Hanoi where he was held. As a staff member, Ms. Zwenig accompanied the Senate Select POW/MIA Affairs Committee delegation on its tour of Vietnam in May 1992. She described several of the video clips shown during her interview and discussed the recent hearings held by the committee. Ms. Backley described the National League of Families of POW/MIA’s as a group which does not subscribe to the belief that the U.S. government has conspired to hide the existence of prisoners of war still in Southeast. She criticized the National Alliance of Families which she says was responsible for heckling President Bush at a National League of Families' meeting in July of this year. Professor Franklin, of Rutgers University, is the author of MIA: Mythmaking in America. He described his research which has led him to conclude that there are no U.S. prisoners of war remaining in Vietnam. Mr. Ashworth represented the National Alliance of Families, which includes in its membership former prisoners of war and family members of POW/MIA’s of all U.S. wars. His group believes that the U.S. government has lied about the presence of prisoners of war in Southeast Asia. He and Professor took viewer questions and engaged in several heated disagreements. Senator Kerry, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, took viewer questions via satellite link, and discussed the progress the committee has made. Mr. Ptak, a long-time government administrator, discussed bipartisan efforts by the Department of Defense and the Senate POW/MIA Committee to uncover all possible information about Vietnam-era prisoners of war. close

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