How to Save Taxpayer Dollars: Case Studies of Duplication in the Federal Government

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Member Statements

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman index.cfm?FuseAction=Files.View&&FileStore_id=a616163d-7bd0-457d-b5a3-5e4993e366fe" target="_blankview statement

Senator Susan M. Collins index.cfm?FuseAction=Files.View&&FileStore_id=313e826f-77f4-4975-8f34-c01b0d8a771f" target="_blankview statement

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Panel 1

The Honorable Eugene L. Dodaro


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Comptroller General

U.S. Government Accountability Office

The Honorable Daniel I. Gordon


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Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Office of Management and Budget

Vivek Kundra


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Federal Chief Information Officer; Administrator, Office of E-Government and Information Technology

Office of Management and Budget close

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How to Save Taxpayer Dollars: Case Studies of Duplication in the Federal Government

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