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President Clinton spoke of “ensuring the American Dream for the next generation” during remarks to the American Society of… read more

President Clinton spoke of “ensuring the American Dream for the next generation” during remarks to the American Society of Newspaper Editors at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C. Specific topics included: the U.S. economic plan; budget cuts; the deficit reduction program; the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax cuts; investment in education, medical research, defense conversion, environmental sciences, and other technologies of tomorrow that create jobs now; the Clean Water Act and other efforts aimed at cleaning up and preserving the environment; welfare reform; campaign reform; the National Service Program; the Reinventing Government Program; health care reform; the Goals 2000 Law; unemployment reform; and the Crime Bill. Media questions focused on these topics: whether child abuse, youth delinquency, and crime are symptoms of adult delinquency and abuse; efforts to gain access to government records via the Freedom of Information Act; the President’s view on presidential intervention in labor strikes; the President’s opinion(s) on how the press has covered Whitewater and the Administration in general; reasons why government should not run the health care system; and the United Nations Commission’s 20-year plan for spending funds that the U.N. receives for population control. The President missed the last ASNE meeting, which was held during the 1992 presidential campaign, due to a bout of laryngitis. close

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