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Secretary Raphael and Ms. Laipson took media questions on Prime Minister Bhutto’s visit to the United States. Topics… read more

Secretary Raphael and Ms. Laipson took media questions on Prime Minister Bhutto’s visit to the United States. Topics included the release of F-16 jets to Pakistan, the administration’s view of the Pressler Amendment in terms of overall U.S.-Pakistani relations, the administration’s position on whether Pakistan has a nuclear device, and the president’s position on Kashmir being a disputed territory. Mr. McCurry took media questions on these topics: efforts to secure the release of two Americans being detained in Iraq, Senator Lauch Faircloth’s comment that the White House pushed for the replacement of the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in order to prevent a full investigation of Hillary Clinton’s investment profits, UNICEF Head candidate Carol Bellamy’s stand on abortion, White House reaction to the Polish diplomat who visited with the two detained Americans in Iraq, the idea of closing off access to the White House for traffic, whether the administration has asked President Aristide to suspend the Interior Minister until an investigation has been completed, and the taxation of billionaires in this country. close

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