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    After Words

    Sally Hubbard

    Open Markets Institute director Sally Hubbard looks at the history of monopolies in American industry and provides her thoughts on how to prevent monopoly power. She’s interviewed by Bloomberg News reporter David McLaughlin.

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  • White Too Long

    Public Religion Research Institute founder and CEO Robert Jones argues that there has been a relationship between Christianity and white supremacy throughout American history and it must be rectified.

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  • After Words

    Kevin Williamson

    National Review correspondent Kevin Williamson recounts the politics & everyday lives of the white American working class from his travels through parts of the Appalachian region of the U.S. He’s interviewed by Washington Examiner columnist Salena Zi

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  • Author Discussion on Race and Caste in America

    Book TV presents coverage of the 2020 Brooklyn Book Festival.

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  • In Depth

    Eddie Glaude

    Eddie Glaude, chair of the African American Studies program at Princeton University, talks about race and politics in America as well as the relevance of the late author James Baldwin in the age of Black Lives Matter.

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