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    Washington Journal: Roundtable on Debate Tone and Rhetoric

    The University of Arizona’s Carolyn Lukensmeyer and the Hofstra Chronicle's Kyle Kandetzki preview tonight’s first presidential debate, including how civility and the tone of campaign rhetoric matters to voters ahead of the November election.

  • Washington Journal: Roundtable on the History of Presidential Debates

    Hofstra University’s Richard Himelfarb and Northeastern University’s Alan Schroeder discuss the history of presidential debates, what effect they have had on election outcomes, famous and pivotal exchanges, and what to look for in tonight’s debate.

  • Washington Journal: News Headlines and Viewer Calls

    Join us with your calls and comments as we review the latest headlines from the campaign trail and Capitol Hill. Politico's Hadas Gold also looks ahead to tonight’s first presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York.

  • Road to the White House Debate Preview

    As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare for their first debate Monday at Hofstra University, we take a look at their debating styles. Guests include debate strategists Brett O’Donnell and Judd Legum and Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty.…

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