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    President Trump Pushes Concealed Carry for Teachers in CPAC Speech

    In his address to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C., President Trump floats his proposal to arm school employees, including teachers, as one way to protect schools from gun violence.

  • President Trump Says NRA is "Ready to Do Things"

    At a meeting with state and local officials to discuss school safety, President Trump says the NRA is “ready to do things” and that he’s looking at several areas to address gun violence, including “bump stocks,” mental health, and background checks.

  • Governors Unveil Blueprint for U.S. Health Care

    Governors John Hickenlooper (D-CO), John Kasich (R-OH) and Governor Bill Walker (I-AK) unveil a blueprint for the nation’s health care system. They also call for Congress to take up legislation to stabilize the marketplace and premiums.

  • Washington Journal: News Headlines and Viewer Calls

    Join us with your calls and comments on social media as we review the latest news headlines out of Washington.

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