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    Washington Journal: News Headlines and Viewer Calls

    Join us with your calls and comments on social media as we review the latest news headlines out of Washington.

  • Washington Journal 04/22/2019

    Earth Day co-founder Denis Hayes discusses the creation of Earth Day and sustainable development efforts, and Politico senior writers Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman discuss news of the day and their new book “The Hill To Die On.”

  • Kevin Hasset Remarks to Reporters

    Council of Economic Advisers Chair Kevin Hassett speaks to reporters outside the White House, telling them the White House would be providing more information later today on reports that President Trump planned to end Iran oil sanctions waivers.

  • Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism & White Supremacy

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations hosts a conference in St. Paul, Minnesota about the roots, causes and impact of Islamophobia.

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