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    Hillary Clinton Speaks to Reporters Aboard Campaign Plane

    Hillary Clinton speaks to reporters on her campaign plane about Monday night’s debate at Hofstra University and her opponent’s temperament and suitability for the presidency. She also says she will show up for the two remaining debates.

  • Gil Kerlikowske Testifies on Trade Law Enforcement

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske testifies at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on his agency;s enforcement of U.S. trade laws.

  • U.S. House Morning Hour

    The House convenes for Morning Hour, with members permitted to speak on a variety of topics. Later, members are expected to debate the rule for a bill authorizing $5 billion for Army Corps of Engineers water projects.

  • Presidential Candidates Debate Review, Part 2

    Telephone lines, divided between Clinton supporters, Trump supporters, and all others, were open for viewer comments following to the first of three debates between presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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