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    White House Lunar New Year Reception

    President Biden vowed to get another assault weapons ban passed through Congress during remarks at a Lunar New Year celebration at the White House. His remarks followed deadly mass shootings in California, one occurring as people gathered to…

  • Republican National Committee Elects Chair & Other Officials

    Current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel faced a challenge from Harmeet Dhillon and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, as RNC members gathered in California to hold an election for chair and other positions. McDaniel, whom Donald Trump selected as RNC chair in 2016, won…

  • White House Daily Briefing

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre held her daily briefing with reporters to discuss the president’s agenda and news of the day. Her remarks began with a statement on the death of Tyre Nichols and police reform, as well as International…

  • Director of National Intelligence Haines on Classified Information

    Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines delivered keynote remarks on classified information and democracy at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas. She covered a variety of topics including efforts to reform the…

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    Accidental Czar

    Andrew Weiss, who oversees research on Russia and Eurasia at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, argues that Putin is more of a thug than a political mastermind.

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  • No Justice, No Peace

    Photojournalist Devin Allen talks about his coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement and the inspiration that came from Gordon Parks, who photographed an earlier generation of civil rights activists.

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    Philip K. Howard

    Attorney Philip K. Howard, author of “Not Accountable,” provides a critique of public employee unions and their impact in the U.S. He argues that these unions have usurped decision-making power from elected officials and are arguably unconstitutional

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    Lance Morrow

    Author, essayist and journalist Lance Morrow joins Book TV to talk and take calls about American culture, politics, and history. Mr. Morrow’s many books include The Chief and the forthcoming The Noise of Typewriters: Remembering Journalism.…

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  • State of the Union Address & Republican Response

    C-SPAN’s coverage of President Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress followed by the Republican response.

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