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    Global Counterterrorism Efforts

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and a panel of international ministers are among the speakers at the annual security conference of world leaders in Munich, Germany.

  • Washington Journal: Viewer Calls

    Join us with your calls and comments on the news of the day. Reuters' Lawrence Hurley also joins by phone to discuss the Hernandez v. Mesa case regarding the shooting dead of a Mexican teenager by a border patrol agent in 2010.

  • Washington Journal: Alan Gomez Discusses New Immigration Guidelines

    USA Today's Alan Gomez discusses new deportation guidelines drafted by the Department of Homeland Security as part of President Trump’s efforts to increase immigration enforcement in the U.S.

  • Washington Journal: Philip Crowley Discusses Trump Administration Foreign Policy

    Former Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley discusses the Trump administration’s national security and foreign policy, as well as the White House’s rollout of new immigration enforcement guidelines.

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