C-SPAN is proudly marking the 30-year anniversary of the C-SPAN Video Library. Since September 1987, we have been preserving all our programming in its entirety for viewing, research, and education. This online archive now contains more than 230,000 hours of easily searchable public affairs video, freely available as a public service of C-SPAN's cable and satellite television affiliates. As we reach this important milestone and look to our future, we pledge to continue our commitment to archiving the history that is covered every day by the C-SPAN networks.

Whether they happened 30 years ago, or 30 minutes ago, the events in the C-SPAN Video Library create a significant catalogue of America's contemporary political dialogue. The events featured on this page represent the top viewed political events covered by C-SPAN during the past 30 years. Enjoy reviewing these events and visit us regularly to discover other historical gems or today's top news events.