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    General Motors Ignition Switch Recall

    General Motors CEO Mary Barra and David Friedman, acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, testified at a hearing on the automaker’s ignition switch recall. The defect was linked to at least a dozen deaths.

    Ms. Barra in her opening statement apologized to the public, victims, and families of victims, and said that she and the company were committed to doing the right thing. She also announced that she had launched an internal inquiry and that people would be held accountable when the investigation was completed. Among other changes, Ms. Barra said GM had hired compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg to handle damage control and dealing with victims with regard to potential funds and liabilities.

    David Friedman told the committee that NHTSA also had an open investigation on what went wrong and whether or not GM failed to relay critical information to the agency concerning the faulty switches.

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    Victor Davis Hanson on Liberalism

    Classicist, military historian, and author Victor Davis Hanson talked with Krista Kafer about what he called “the moral bankruptcy of liberalism". Mr. Hanson criticized the Obama administration on their handling of the immigration issue and argued that there was an "entitlement mentality” among liberals. He also commented on the Trayvon Martin case, saying that the case was politicized into a racial issue.
    “The Moral Bankruptcy of Liberalism” was part of the annual Western Conservative Summit held by the Colorado Christian University Centennial Institute at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver.

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    United Nations Ambassador Nomination Hearing

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a nomination hearing for Samantha Power to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Ms. Power was pressed by several committee members on previous statements she had made about U.S. foreign policy. In response to Senator Rubio’s query about a 2003 article in which she wrote that U.S. foreign policy should be “overhauled” and needed “a historical reckoning with crimes committed, sponsored, or permitted by the United States,” she said she would “never apologize for America.” Other topics included the civil war in Syria and Iran’s nuclear program.

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    Senate Democrats on Transportation and HUD Bill

    Senate Democratic leaders held a press conference urging the Senate to pass the $54 government spending bill for transportation and housing programs. Majority Leader Harry Reid remarked that passing a bi-partisan transportation bill would be another significant step forward in ending gridlock. Other topics addressed during the briefing included the U.S. economy, tax code reform, and reaction to President Obama’s economic speech the previous day in Galesburg, Illinois.

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    Ben Bernanke on Federal Reserve History

    Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke reviewed the first 100 years of the the U.S. central bank. In his remarks he said that while the Federal Reserve could begin tapering off its asset purchases program later in the year, interest rates were likely to remain steady until the unemployment picture improved significantly.