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    Connecticut Senate Debate

    Connecticut U.S. Senate candidates, State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D) and Linda McMahon (R) participated in their second debate.

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    Connecticut 4th Congressional District Debate

    Candidates for the seat in from Connecticut 4th Congressional District debated. The telecast included campaign commercials.

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    Connecticut 4th Congressional District Debate

    Incumbent Representative Shays and Ms. Farrell took part in a debate as part of their campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives from Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District. Mr. Appleby moderated the debate, and Mr. Helms, Mr. Reilly, and Mr. Schweitzer questioned the candidates on a number of domestic and foreign policy issues.

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    Beatrice's Goat

    Ms. McBrier and Ms. Lohstoeter, the illustrator, talked with the children about their book Beatrice’s Goat, published by Antheneum. They showed slides of the trip they took to Africa to research the book. This is the story of a girl in western Uganda whose life is changed when her family is given a goat. The family becomes prosperous enough to be able to send her to school. The participants responded to students' questions.

    The afterword by Hillary Rodham Clinton explains that the story is based on the experiences of a real Ugandan child whose life changed because of the humanitarian efforts of The Heifer Project International.

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    Town Hall Meeting on Impeachment

    At an often raucous town hall meeting Representative Shays told
    constituents that he wanted to hear their views about his forthcoming
    vote on the impeachment of President Clinton. The audience members then made
    their views known for several hours.

    C-SPAN aired three hours and 47 minutes of a seven-hour event.

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    Mill Hill Historic Park

    Mr. Volo talked about U.S. education in the 1830s and Tocqueville’s impressions of it.

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    Connecticut Gubernatorial Debate

    The five gubernatorial candidates debated before an audience issues, including the economy, crime and state spending. They answered questions from the moderator.

    Lieutenant Governor Groark is the candidate of A Connecticut Party. Mr. Curry is Connecticut comptroller. Mr. Rowland was a Republican U.S. Representative, 1985-1991.