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    Preparing for Recessions

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    Senate Hearing on United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

    The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing to examine the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. Former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, along with a panel of trade and industry representatives, discussed how the USMCA could impact the average American, as well as how it differs from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was established in 1994.

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    Museum of the American Revolution, Part 1

    Director of Collections Scott Stephenson talked about the Museum of the American Revolution, which is scheduled to open near Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia in early 2017. The museum is based on a collection of thousands of artifacts from the 18th century, and Mr. Stephenson used a selection of objects in storage to tell the story of the American Revolution.

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    Senate Filibuster Rules

    Norman Ornstein discussed the historical use of the Senate filibuster, the proposed changes to the rule, and the potential effects of changes to Senate procedure. He also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.
    At the time of the program, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was seeking changes to filibuster rules in the 113th Congress. The procedure allows a single member of Congress to extend debate with the intent to delay or prevent a vote on a proposal. In the Senate the only way to end a filibuster is through a cloture vote, which requires 60 votes rather than a simple majority. Since 2007, the Senate minority party had forced the majority to attempt to break a filibuster over 380 times, more than doubling recent historical annual averages.

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    Senate Session

    The Senate resumed consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R.6049, the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act.

    Upon Reconsideration Shall H.R. 6124 Pass, the Objections of the President to the Contrary Notwithstanding?; Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, the Senate overrode the veto.

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    David Hawkings on Congressional Pay and Benefits

    David Hawkings talked about congressional pay and benefits.

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    Ways and Means Chair Press Conference on Tax Reform

    House Ways and Means Chair Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX) spoke with reporters on the conference report reconciling the House and Senate versions of Republican-backed tax reform legislation.

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    South Korean President Moon Remarks at U.N. General Assembly

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in delivered remarks during the general debate of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York City. He focused the bulk of his speech to fellow world leaders on the ongoing tensions with North Korea, which had launched two ballistic missiles over Japanese territory in the previous month and continued to boast about its growing nuclear capabilities. The South Korean president said he did not seek to destroy his northern neighbor and urged it to “cease making reckless choices.”

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    1944 Film A Challenge to Democracy

    This film documents the living conditions of Japanese Americans held in Internment Camps in Arkansas and Wyoming during World War II. The film also shows the contributions of Japanese soldiers fighting in the 442nd Combat Team in Europe during the same war. The film was produced by the War Relocation Authority.

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    Moammar Qaddafi Remarks

    Moammar Qadhafi addressed supporters in Tripoli Square. He told the crowd to fight against anti-government protesters and defend the nation.

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