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    Writings of James Fenimore Cooper

    Guests examined the history of the late 18th and early 19th century frontier and Native-American relations though the writings of James Fenimore Cooper. Cooper wrote several frontier-themed novels, including The Last of the Mohicans.
    The program was telecast from the Fenimore Art Museum which houses several manuscripts and artwork inspired by Cooper’s novels.

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    Religious Hate Crimes

    The Senate Judiciary Committee convened a hearing on ways to address the increasing number of religious hate crimes in the United States. The special counsel for religious discrimination within the civil rights division at the Justice Department testified. Other experts including the police chief of the Arlington, Texas, Police Department and a religious hate crime victim also appeared before committee members.

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    Image of Muslims in the U.S.

    Panelists talked about the image of Muslims in the U.S. Topics included the controversy surrounding the Islamic Center near Ground Zero in New York City. They also talked about increasing hostility toward Islam, the traditional practice of Islam in America, and opposing radical fundamentalism. They also responded to questions from the audience.

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    Public Perceptions of Islam and Muslims

    Panelists talked about the attitudes and perceptions surrounding Islam and Muslims around the world. Topics included how to properly define “Islamophobia,” the diversity of the Muslim community, and how the rhetoric around Muslims is being used in the U.S. presidential election.

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    Anti-Muslim Bullying

    The Capital Area Muslim Bar Association and the American Bar Association co-hosted a discussion on recent trends in anti-Muslim bullying and ways lawyers can better advocate for students affected by such bullying. Panelists included lawyers and advocates for the Muslim-American community, and they discussed ways in which students, teachers, and others involved with schools could best help Muslim students who were the victims of bullying related to their faith. After the discussion, panelists took questions from the audience.

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    President Trump Remarks at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

    President Trump delivered remarks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition annual conference. He defended his policy actions, including withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. The president also spoke about the need to stop attacking religion in America. Other topics he touched on included government regulations, tax reform, and military spending.

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    Open Phones

    Viewers talked about their views on governments controlling Internet content. The discussion stemmed from violence directed toward the U.S. in the Middle East in reaction to a video posted on YouTube that was created by an American anti-Islam group. In response to the violence President Obama asked YouTube’s owner, Google, to review its policy on hate speech. Google denied the request.

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    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer comments on the question: “What does freedom of expression mean today?”

    Susan Ferrechio also spoke by phone about a vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline set to take place later that day.

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    Violent Extremism

    The Senate Homeland Security Committee held a hearing on the ideology behind violent extremism and potential tools the U.S. can use to counter it. Former National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter called for more funding of ideological warfare programs and focusing on building partnerships with Muslim communities.