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    Reinstatement of Draft Legislation

    Representative Rangel spoke to reporters about operations in Iraq, the president’s call for additional troops in the country, and his support for legislation reinstating a draft. He also answered questions from the reporters.

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    New York City Civil War Draft Riots

    This week on The Civil War, author Iver Bernstein discussed the causes and consequences of the New York City Draft Riots of mid-July 1863, that resulted from the federal draft for additional troops to fight in the war. Professor Bernstein spoke at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s 2012 Civil War Symposium. This is just over 45 minutes.

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    1917 Selective Service Act and the Draft

    Richard Faulkner and Beth Bailey talked about the evolution of the military draft in the United States from the Civil War to the Vietnam War and beyond, when military service eventually became voluntary. Shortly after declaring war on Germany, the U.S. Congress passed and President Wilson signed the Selective Service Act on May 18, 1917. The act required men ages 21 to 30 to register for military service.

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    Selective Service

    Mr. Flahaven talked about the history of the selective service, how it was utilized in past wars and what role, if any, it might have in the U.S. fight against terrorism. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes and electronic mail.

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    Women in the Military

    Military and foreign policy experts talked about the challenges and benefits of integrating women into the armed forces. Juliet Beyler said no quota exists for the number of women in combat roles and that women would have to meet the same physical standards as their male counterparts. The panel also discussed whether women should have to register with the Selective Service. They also answered questions from the audience.

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    Senators Cruz and McCain on Women in the Draft

    Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John McCain (R-AZ) spoke about a measure in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act that would include women in selective service.